45th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing - July 20, 1969

Everything Ventured,
Everything Gained

From the day we crafted our first tools from stones, invention became human ambition. From the Age of Enlightenment to the Information Age, each curious step we took led to ventures that helped us cross continents, take flight, and set foot on the moon.

History’s most disruptive and inspiring inventions came from the ingenuity and passion of great inventors: Johannes Gutenberg, whose printing press shared knowledge; Philo Farnsworth, whose television brought the world into our living rooms; Tim Berners-Lee, who connected us via the internet.

Just as innovation defines our past, ingenuity today will shape our future. With each new opportunity for discovery, our curiosity will lead us to question, explore, and invent.

Every small step moves us closer to a giant leap. Let's keep venturing.

Learn about modern-day challenges and opportunities made better through invention: